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Mary Booth Cabot's art is a combination of talent, creativity, and love of both beauty and life. She has been, for over 38 years, known for her botanical paintings and lithographs; since then, she has added native birds to her repertoire.

It all started in a private garden tended by her and her grandmother who supplied the sanctuary at the church they attended with bouquets of flowers each Sunday morning.  Mary learned much in that garden and prides herself in carrying the fourth generation of family gardeners. Most of Mary's inspiration comes from a lovely and private garden that she tends regularly.

Taking a visit to the studio and garden is a rare treat.  You tour through the garden full of color and fragrant aromas as you descend into her studio where the living fantasy land comes to life again in her paintings.  Here you see the flowers and birds duplicated in their finest glory down to the smallest detail including the last dewdrop.  Mary will attest to the fact that reproducing dewdrops is one of the more difficult aspects for an artist to render.  For flowers lovers, a visit to the Wren Hill Gallery does not only mean leaving with prints or originals of her art, but seedpods or plants from the bountiful garden.

If you are near Atlanta, call 770-587-2587 in advance, for a visit or see the show schedule here.

Corporate Collections: (partial listing) 
• Johnson & Johnson, Inc., Massachusetts 

• Arthur Andersen & Co., Atlanta, GA 

• Cheekwood Botanical Museum and Garden, Nashville, TN 

• Coca-Cola, Inc., Atlanta, GA 

• Delta Airline, Crown Room, Hartsfield International Airport,    Atlanta, GA 

• Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie    Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 

• Kilpatrick & Cody, Atlanta, GA 

• Simon & Schuster Doubleday Publishers, New York, NY 

• Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA 

Previous Shows/Exhibits: (partial listing) 
• Spring exhibitions of art at the following National Flower Shows: 
Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Ann Arbor, Washington D.C., Syracuse,  Mobile and St. Louis 1991-present 

• Autumn exhibitions of art at various nationally known art shows in Texas, Missouri, Maryland, Georiga, Michigan, D.C., N Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and others.

• Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, FL., 1985 and 1994 
• State Botanical Garden of Georgia, Athens, GA 1988 
• Cheekwood Botanical Museum, Nashville, TN., 1982 and 1986 
• Mississippi Museum of Art, 9th Exhibition, Southern Watercolor Society,  Catalog P.5, Jackson, MS., 1985 
• The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, Boston, MA, 1984 
• 5th International Exhibition of Botanical Art and Illustration,   Pittsbugh, PA  Catalog, P.18, 1983 
• Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, 5th Exhibiton, Southern   Watercolor Society, Catalog, Ruston, LA. 1981 

• Columbia Museum of Arts and Science, 4th Exhibition,   Southern Watercolor Society, Catalog,  Columbia, SC 1980 

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