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Terms and Disclaimers

The content of may not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, without express written consent from MARY BOOTH CABOT ART STUDIO, INC.,3961 LOCH HIGHLAND PASS NE, ROSWELL GA 30075-2029

Unless otherwise noted, all information found on;;; and is copyrighted, including text, layout, logos, and other multimedia.

Each catalog item is individually priced with a price code. The price code chart shown on this site is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). See the pricing chart here. Some items are sold in sets only, and some sets may have an additional discount with an additional price code shown. Standard industry discounts to resellers and retailers apply to orders accompanied with proper documentation:

(1) a current business license; and
(2) a current sales tax exemption certificate.

See Payment for additional information. All price codes are subject to change without notice.

Order Fulfillment
Each order will be processed upon receipt from the individual customer or sales representative. Due to high volume production scheduling, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for shipments. Additions to an existing order will gladly be accepted for inclusion with that order up to the time at which the order is sent to production for manufacturing. During certain periods, mouldings may be out of stock at suppliers for extended times. Wren Hill Galllery retains the right to notify the customer or choose a substitute moulding of equal or greater value, with substantially the same appearance, and fill orders at the original sales price. While all Wren Hill Galllery prints are normally available, quite often, prints are sold out or are discontinued. In this case, Wren Hill Galllery will contact the final customer and advise them of this fact.  If the customer chooses to cancel that portion of the order, there will be no penalty for doing so. Wren Hill Galllery will not substitute another image for a print which has been ordered. If a portion of the order is missing when the majority of the order is ready to ship, Wren Hill Galllery will contact the customer for a decision on whether to delay the order or to back order that portion which is missing.

Color and Size Disclaimer:
Due to the variations in computers, monitor gamut values, resolution, size, age., the images shown in the content of have been corrected in agreeance to the artists approval and provides best representation of the images therein. Due to the differention nature of electronic imaging technologies, some colors may vary and only serve as a reference to the actual printed image.

Every effort has been made to represent the colors in the images in this catalog as accurately as possible through digital photography. However, slight color variations in the mouldings, mats, and prints may occur. Wren Hill Gallery cannot be responsible for these slight variations, and we cannot take returns based on color variances.

The overall size of each framed piece in this catalog is provided solely for the convenience of the customer. Sizes have been rounded up or down to the nearest inch. Therefore, these sizes should not be used for any purpose other than as an approximation of how large the picture will actually be as it hangs on the wall. AS A CONVEINIENCE TO THE CUSTOMER, the framed size depicted is the OUTSIDE size of the frame, not the glass size of the frame as used in the production process.

Shipping and Handling:
Orders may be picked up at the Wren Hill Gallery in Roswell, GA, to avoid all handling and shipping costs. Otherwise, all orders will be shipped by the most economical means. Normally, all shipments over 60 pounds will be shipped by common carrier. All shipments will be packaged in boxes and surrounded with protective material suitable for shipment. The charge for this packaging is 15% of the total invoice price and is figured into the total billing price at the time payment processing.

Orders shipped via common carrier will be shipped F.O.B. Norcross, GA. If a customer has a preference of carrier, that must be noted at the time of the order, and Wren Hill Gallery will make every effort to use that carrier. All customers MUST understand that the orders will arrive at their door COD at the time of order unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Damaged Shipments:
If an order arrives with obvious damage to the cartons, note that clearly on the freight documents and retain a copy to file a claim. Contact the freight carrier for further information. Save all packing material until cleared by the freight carrier. If an item is damaged within the carton with no visible signs of external damage, please contact Wren Hill Gallery for information.

Wren Hill Galllery does not intend to make it a policy to distribute your identity. Orders may be placed by phone at 770-587-2587, by fax at the same number or by email at Fill out the required information using care to insure accuracy with catalog numbers.

To receive reseller discounts, Georgia based resellers must file their state sales tax exemption number at the time of first purchase either via fax or via e-mail attachement. Orders will not be sent without this paperwork on file. Georgia based resellers must have a Georgia State Tax Exemption for ST-5 on file. Go here to print this form. Payment in the form of a company check must be received prior to order shipment. Open accounts may be arranged. Please contact us to request a credit application, and we will fax it to you. Prepayment or COD orders may be required for the first two shipments if credit information is not available in a timely manner.

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