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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions that people ask our regular basis. We have provided answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about Mary's work.

Q: "What is a Giclee (zhee-clay)?"
A: A Giclee is an individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity reproduction done on a special large format printer. Typically museum quality Giclees (like Mary's) are produced from digital scans of existing artwork and are designed to last at least 150 years under interior lighting conditions. Giclees create a whole new vibrant medium for art.
Q: "What is an artist's proof?"
  A: Artist proofs are one of the first prints off of the press at the time of printing. They are inspected by the artist and numbered according to the prints that are acceptable by the artist. Numbers vary according to edition and are considered more valuable among collectors.
Q: "Is the studio regularly open for visitors?"
A: Yes, by appointment only, so I can have time just for you! The Wren Hill Gallery offers one or two open houses at certain times during the year. See the show schedule for Mary's availability.
Q: "Do you offer gift wrapping?"
A: Yes, upon request.
Q: "What is your preferred method of payment?"
A: Cash, checks and Visa /MasterCard (
Q: "How do I get on the studio mailing list for the shows?"

A: Contact the studio and provide your address and phone number, or just fill in form below:

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Q: "Can I pick up my order from the studio?"
A: Yes, Please call in advance to schedule a time for pickup. Go to the contact page for directions or arrange a pickup at any show in your area.
Q: "When will I receive my order?"
A: Approximately 4-6 weeks for framed items and 1-2 weeks for print only orders.
Q: "Do I have a framing choices?"
A: Yes there are framing selections at the Wren Hill Gallery for you to choose from. Send Mary wall color or wallpaper samples or even fabric swatches and she can work with you over the phone and fax to select a frame for your work, just the way you like it. At all of the shows she also carries mat board and frame samples to choose from.
Q: "How accurate do the colors on the web site compare to the prints I receive?"
A: Even though we have taken all necessary precautions to insure that you receive as close to the best color representation as possible, there are an infinite array of monitors with all different settings. We trust that you will be satisfied with the color in every actual print you receive.

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