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Many of you have asked me for more information to order the bird series in frames….

For complete selection: Click here for samples and order form

Here are two options you can choose from.

First, there is the less expensive variety offering stock frames of which there are 15 styles  of frames (only for 4x4” art images). This category is called “Stock frames for 4x4” Art with Easel Back Stand”. These can be hung on the wall or put on a table or bookcase.  An order form is included or you may order online or by phone for quick results.

The second offer is “Bird Series Pricing for Custom Framing”.  This is for 4”x 4”  to 14”x 14” image size of artwork .This shows 15 frames that have been our most popular.  On size  8” x 8” to 14”x 14” you can use a 1.5” to 2” frame width. Each frame is shown individually with its own  width and pricing using the size of the artwork chosen as a starting point. There is an explanation of how to get just what you want to have and answers questions along the way.  Mat choices and order blanks are on the last page.  Thank you for loving these birdies the way I do. 


Stock Frames For 4"X 4" Art With Easel Back Stand
Limited Quantities Available Of Each Frame
To choose what you want, pick your favorite birds then
choose the frame style you like.

Any image can be matched with any frame.

Birds are shown grouped in series
or mix and match any frame with any bird.
Be sure to decide if you want a Laser Print or a Giclée Print.
Laser Print (Lasts up to 10 years) or Giclée Print (Lasts up to 150 years)

For complete selection: Click here for samples and order form


“Bird Series”
Pricing for Custom Framing
  • Favorite Bird Image(s)
  • Size
  • Mat
  • Frame

Click here for samples and easy to use order form for Bird Series




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