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Invite Mary Booth Cabot to your home or office to provide you with a professional art consultation to help create an inviting space that welcomes.  Mary uses her artistic expertise in interior decorating the same way she to organize and balance a space between color, texture, and shape, no matter what the subject, for the best outcome. In your home and office she will arrange, select and coordinate furniture, room colors, textiles, paintings, and other art media.

• Hang, help you hang, or rearrange your artwork.

• Show you how to best display the artwork you have relative to the
existing light patterns, space, colors and furnishings.

• Make suggestions and recommendations on possible future additions of artwork in a variety of media.

• Teach you how to care for and maintain your artwork to provide years of lasting beauty, enjoyment, and value.

• Frame and protect your treasured pieces and family mementos to their best advantage with style and distinction.  Custom Framing at greatly reduced prices for any artwork you wish to frame

• Original Commissions of Children in joyous situations, favorite pets, birds, florals, horses, landscapes, automobiles, motorcycles and industrial sites.

• On-site Consultations

• Access to Artist select editions

• Gift Certificates for special occasions and Gift Wrapping

• Individual Lessons to artists of all levels

Art Workshops, speaking engagements, and club programs.

• Shipping via UPS or truck for larger works.


Mary Booth Cabot is a nationally acclaimed and recognized artist with 32 years of experience in painting as well as hanging customer's artwork and helping them coordinate their rooms. Mary is included in Who's Who in American Art and in the World Who's Who of Women.

Her consultations are based on a two-hour minimum; fee on request.

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